Rope Access Basic Kit

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The Rope Access Basic Kit is a ready-to-use personal rope access system. With this kit, the individual technician will be able to perform all types of basic rope access maneuvers without requiring any other additional equipment.

The kit consists of:

Product features:

  • Ascending, Descending, and back up fall arrest devices in the kit
  • Ready to use system that comes fully assembled
  • Fully adjustable and fully padded harness
  • Sufficient connectors to assemble harness and anchor devices
  • Chest, dorsal and back attachments on the harness
  • Durable equipment carry bag to transport the entire ready to use system
  • Dynamic Rope anchor lanyard pre-stitched onto the harness, saving time during assembly as well as having to redo knots
  • Sewn-on lanyards add a component of safety as there is no risk of knots coming undone


Material: Various (see individual components)
Weight: 9kg
Dimensions: 700mm (L) x 400mm (H) X 500 mm (W)
Standard: Various (see individual components)
Safe working load: 100kg


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Rope Access Professional Kit


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