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A self-breaking descender for rope work, the evolution of the SPARROW 200 descender has been developed for high workloads. It allows the operator to lower themselves on the working line, to position themselves on the working line and to ascend the same rope. It is ideal in the event of an assisted lowering of two people with the device installed at the anchor (the operator lowers the rescuer and the person being rescued) or for the simultaneous lowering of two people (rescuer lowers themselves with the injured person).

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Product features:

  • Rescue descender certified to EN 341:2011-2A, workload limit 200 kg with a maximum descent height of 180 m, only to be used with rope – 11 mm.
  • Rope adjustment/ descender device certified to EN 12841:2006-C, workload limit 210 kg, only to be used with EN 1891-A – 11 mm ropes.
  • Equipped with a breaking spur that creates additional friction on the rope, when used during the descent, without the use of an additional connector. The shape of the braking spur has been improved in order to have even more effective control of the rope.
  • A multifunctional command lever with an automatic recall system that allows the operator to descend at a controlled speed and stop the descent at the desired point without the need to tie off the device.
  • An EBS safety system (Extraordinary Braking System) that is activated if the lever is accidentally fully opened, reducing the speed of descent instead of increasing it.
  • Equipped with a safety lever on the movable flange that facilitates the insertion of the rope in the transition of the fractionations.


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