Dead Weight PRO Anchor System

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The Dead Weight system is specifically designed as a movable free-standing anchor point for Fall Arrest and rope access purposes.

The Dead Weight system is merely an anchor point to which you can connect rope access or fall arrest system.  On the back and front of the Dead Weight is two sets of load bearing D-ring type connection points. This set of points that is next to each other needs to be used in conjunction with each other. Do not connect to only one D-ring. Both must be used together. The deadweight system has been designed to be used in conjunction with each other. This means that more than one system can be connected to each other to increase the safe working load or set up a temporary lifeline system over a structure.


Dead Weight User guide(Click to view): 

Product Features

  • Easy installation of the system
  • Two Connection Points
  • Small storage space


Material: Webbing, PVC, and Mild steel
Weight: 14kg
Dimensions: 500mm (L) x 300mm (H)
Kit Compatibility: Adjustable Anchor Line and Temporary Vertical LifeLine
Standard: SANS 50795
Safe working load: 150kg


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