Heightsafetyline – Safe Point

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The Heightsafetyline™ Safe Point Pro™ is a permanent anchor point that can be used for Fall Arrest, Rope Access and Rope Rescue applications. The new design of the Safe Point Pro replaces the old Safe Point design and is a more balanced symmetrical design that ensures equal force distribution during a fall. The Safe Point Pro™ does not only allow for a fast, safe and easy anchoring point but will also assist in absorbing the energy in the event of a fall. Manufactured from a 316 grade stainless steel of 4,5 mm thick the Safe Point™ is a robust, weatherproof device that will last in the harshest conditions. The shock absorber will keep the forces generated during the fall below 6 KN and once fully deployed the failure point of the material is 50 KN. This unique patented anchor system design allows for easy attachment to almost any type of structure. Safe Point Pro™ has no moving parts and or components that can get lost or that require additional maintenance. The simple easy-to-use anchoring system will guarantee the safest anchoring connection on this planet.


Oval Screw-Gate Karabiner (Steel)


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