Heightsafety Line™ is a range of permanent engineered solutions for safe working-at-height access requirements when using Fall Arrest and or Rope Access Techniques. These uniquely patented designs incorporate durability and simplicity to ensure easy to use, and low maintenance height safety access solutions. With two decades of experience in the working at height industry we are able to provide cost-effective product support.

This will assist the end-users with the design, implementation, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and orientation training for their safe working at height anchoring system. Some end users occasionally have difficulties in identifying the requirements for a safe working at height solution. Our product support will minimise the risk by recommending the best-suited system for the maintenance access application.

Our broad distribution network and certified installers are able to provide a turnkey solution for all height safety access requirements.

The quality of our product range is managed through a cerfied ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System that includes supported continual improvement plans and batch tests to guarantee a quality product every me.

The traceability of each component is guaranteed through its unique serial number that is clearly visible on the item itself. The serial number indicates the following:




The quality of our product range is supported by a certified ISO 9001: 2008 SGS Certificate Quality Management System that includes supported continual improvement plans and batch tests of each component, thus guaranteeing a quality product every time. Refer to page 7 for proof of certification.

The traceability of each component is guaranteed through its unique serial number that is clearly visible on the item itself. The serial number indicates the following:

All the serial numbers of each component that forms part of a prepared and or installed system, can be traced back to the serial number on the ID tag through the online data base system.

The unique ID tag incorporates all the required information of the provided safe working at height system.

1. The serial no: Incorporates all parts and components of the anchoring system through the data base linked to this new serial no. All joined parts can now be traced back via this unique identification number.

2. Safe working load: The maximum number of users that may use the system is indicated on the TAG.

3. Standard: The SANS 50 Standard that the product conforms to is indicated in the block next to the standard. It is either SANS 50 353 for vertical life lines and SANS 50 795 for anchor points and horizontal life lines.

4. Certification date: The system must be re-inspected and re-certified safe to use on an annual basis. The next certification date is indicated in the small circle on the edge of the TAG.

All Heightsafety Line prepared and assembled systems are loaded onto our online data base and can be verified at www.heightsafetyline.com. The data base assists in tracing and maintaining all installed systems. All information about the system and the installation can be captured on this data base. The following information can be accessed:

Once the installation has been completed, a quality assurance check list is completed that assists with uploading the product onto the data base and to ensure that it is safe to use.

The status of any installation can be verified on the data base system with any mobile phone or tablet that has access to the internet. By simply accessing the data base website and typing in the system serial number, the data base will indicate whether the system is safe to use or not. All modifications to systems and re-certifications can be uploaded and managed through this data base.

Our quality assurance system governs our entire manufacturing, assembly and packaging process to guarantee that the life line system is ready to install. The infrastructure of our assembly production line assures a high volume quality output of our product. Every swage connection is individually pull-tested to ensure the safety of the assembled product. All testing equipment is calibrated on an annual basis. The calibration certificates are uploaded onto the data base and test of each system can be traced back to a specific tool and technician. Each and every system comes securely packaged in its own box with all assembly components users’ instructions, safety signs and installation quality assurance documents ready for installation.

Through our structural draft department we are able to design any Heightsafety Line System onto an existing design drawing or building plan. This will ensure that all required height safety access methods have been covered for possible maintenance and access requirements. This includes the type of anchor point required for a specific access manoeuvre eg: a rope access re-belay point that runs into an aiding route. The manoeuvres combined with the specific fall arrest and rope access anchor points can be cross-referenced into a site specific fall protection plan and rescue plan. Through the design process we can pre-determine all required raw materials.

Installation and maintenance of all our Heightsafety Line systems can be guaranteed through our highly skilled, permanently employed rope access teams. All teams are fully mobile and equipped to do any type of life line installation on the most safety strenuous work site. By making use of a combination of rope access and fall arrest techniques we are able to safely, access the most difficult installation areas in a very short turnaround time. Each installation technician is trained and registered on the Heightsafety Line data base as a certified installer. All installations done by a certain technician can be traced back to that specific installer.

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Height Safe 360 consists of three separate divisions. Each specializing in a specific application field of working-at-height with their own stated objectives.
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