Advanced Rope Access Seat

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The Advanced Rope access seat was ergonomically designed as a multi-functional rope access working platform. Not only will the seat improve comfort and blood
circulation during long hours on the ropes, but it will also assist in organizing and managing your tool connection requirements. The seat attaches directly to the descender and the harness.

Product features:

 Ergonomically shaped Polycarbonate, highly durable and flexible
 D-shaped karabiner connecting the seat to descender

 Stitch pattern design ensures multiple directional loads

 Easy adjustable stainless steel buckles
 The heavy-duty main tool connection point
 Heavy-duty durable  zip design for high-frequency opening and closing
 Back central loop for easy ascending with seat
 Personal tool organizing platform with multiple sewing pockets
 Temporary gear loops for easy access to tools



Material: Polycarbonate & Polyvinyl Chloride, Polypropylene webbing

Safe working load: 120 kg


Reusable Face Mask 3 Ply
11mm – Altumax Slick Tactical Rope (Black/White)


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