1. Quotations are valid 30 days for local clients and 7 days for international clients respectively, based on availability, unless otherwise stated.
  2. New and revised quotations will be issued to international clients where the ZAR exchange rate depreciation is more than 2.5% from the original pricing issued, at the time of acceptance.
  3. Prices as stated on the price list and quoted on, are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. Prices are quoted excluding VAT (Value Added Tax) unless otherwise stated.
  5. Online prices include VAT.
  6. Special offers will be subject to stock availability.
  7. Order confirmation for the purchase of equipment or for the booking of training will be accepted in writing only. No verbal agreements will be accepted.
  8. A client is required to provide the following for a quotation to be accepted as an order:
    1.1 Official purchase order signed by client or;
    1.2 A quotation that is physically signed by an authorized representative of the client that qualifies as
    a valid order; and
    1.3 Proof of payment. (Subject to bank clearance)
  9. By accepting the quotation, the client agrees to the Payment Terms and the Conditions.
  10. Goods and Services for COD (Collection on Delivery) clients will only be released once payment has been
    verified and reflects in the relevant bank account.
  11. Walk in clients should bring a hard copy of the proof of payment when collecting. Goods will only be
    released once payment verification of the payment has been made.
  12. Please note process time for bank to bank payments. Standard bank to Standard Bank, and other bank to
    bank payments do not immediately reflect and therefore allowance needs to made for immediate release
    or the provision of the requisite process period required.
  13. Equipment can be delivered within a radius of 100km from Heightsafety Training Academy as detailed in
    the quotation.
  14. Collection cost by a third party will be for the account of the client.
  15. Due to Health, Safety and Hygienic factors, returns will only be accepted if returned within 5 working days
    and subject to management inspection and approval. If approved an accepted, a handling fee of 5 % will
    apply and the client’s account will be credited. No cash refunds will be made.
  16. Course fees do not include travel, accommodation, flights, visas, meals, site establishment, safety
    equipment, special clothing, subsistence or any other costs that might be incurred for training to
    commence and proceed; course fees also do not include meals or refreshments during training.
  17. Course bookings will only be made once a fully completed booking form has been received by
    Heightsafety Training Academy with proof of payment for the training as per the payment agreement.
  18. Failure to provide proof of payment will result in the forfeiture of any reserved dates.
  19. Scheduled Calendar Training at Heightsafety Training Academy facilities can be postponed 24 hours prior
    to training.
  20. If insufficient numbers of learners have been confirmed for a booked course, the dates are subject to
  21. Training substitutions may be done prior to commencement of training in writing, subject to the training
    requirements for candidates being met. (See item 33)
  22. Cancellation fees will be charged on any booking not cancelled at least 72 hours (3 working days) before
    the booked training date for local training.

o 48 hours cancellation will incur a 50% payment fee 

o 24 hours cancellation will incur a 100% payment fee
o Cancellation of International courses must be done 14 working days in advance or it will incur a 

100% payment fee 

  1. In the event where a learner does not attend training booked or prior arrangements were not made
    (records as proof required), the client will incur a 100% payment fee for the amount of the course
  2. The applicable price structure and a repayment will apply to courses rescheduled if caused by non-
    attendance or noncompliance (Items 27 and 33) from a learner or due to the fact that the original
    payment was forfeited as per point 22 above.
  3. Dates for unconfirmed bookings are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. If fewer learners than the amount stated on the order, or no learners, are present at any time of the
    course, then the course order will be invoiced as per the placed order according to the bookings form or
    purchase order.
  5. In the event where a learner does not pass a breathalyser test, the client will incur 100% payment loss for
    the amount of the course booked.
  6. Learners will not receive their temporary licence to operate or be licenced without full payment being
  7. In the event of a dispute regarding the attendance of a learner or group of learners, the burden of proof
    shall lie with the client and/or the candidates who contend attendance.
  8. Learners who fail to hand in a portfolio of evidence at the conclusion of the course or by the stated date,
    will not be found competent due to a lack of evidence and will still be liable for payment of course.
  9. Heightsafety Training Academy and/or its facilitators and assessors reserve the right to require a
    candidate to leave the course if such a candidate, in the opinion of the facilitator, constitutes a disruption
    or danger to him/herself or other persons.
  10. The acceptance of learners on a course is subject to passing a breathalyser test and the learner’s medical
    fitness. Learners are required to produce a certificate of medical fitness and passing the breathalyser test
    before training commences and those who fail to do so will be refused acceptance onto a course.
  11. Learners who weigh more than 130 kg will be refused entry to the course due to the limitations of the
    equipment. No leniency or waiver in this regard will be considered.
  12. No pregnant woman will be accepted for practical course training. No leniency or waiver in this regard
    will be considered.
  13. The instructions of a facilitator, while candidates are working at height, are to be obeyed at all times.
  14. Candidates are not permitted to be involved with other tasks or duties for the duration of the training.
  15. Where training is presented at a site of the client’s choosing, the client has the responsibility to supply a
    suitable and certified training structure for the entire duration of the course, as well as a suitable classroom or conference room. This must be in accordance with all the off-site requirements as per the communication by Heightsafety Training Academy.
  16. Where no contingencies have been made regarding weather that is not safe to train in and such weather could reasonably be expected, then the full amount for the course is still payable.
  17. Heightsafety Training Academy reserves the right to limit the number of learners on a course presented at the client’s site.
  18. Facilitators have the right to refuse to carry out any training on a structure, or in an area that, in the facilitator’s opinion, is unsafe or otherwise unsuitable for learning.
  19. Candidates must arrive prepared for physical work (including climbing structures) and be dressed appropriately. Candidates are to supply their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) (Gloves, overalls, boots, protective clothing, helmet with chin strap, etc.) for the training. Learners arriving without PPE will be turned away. Heightsafety Training Academy will not take any responsibility for any injuries arising out of lack of PPE.
  20. Candidates are to provide their own meals and refreshments for the duration of the training, unless otherwise arranged.
  21. No alcohol is allowed on the premises before, during or after training.
  22. Where sufficient learner/candidate information has not been provided (i.e. certified copy of Identity
    documentation, home language, home and postal addresses and highest school qualification),
    Heightsafety Training Academy will not accept responsibility for delays in certification.
  23. All Training is delivered in English, unless otherwise arranged. Should the learner not read or write
    English, then it is the client’s responsibility to provide a suitable qualified translator for their learners at
    their own cost.
  24. These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time. Proof of terms and conditions for a
    specific order may only be proven if the signed terms that accompanied a quote that was accepted during
    its validity period can be produced by the disputing party.
  25. Heightsafety Training Academy will not be liable for any indirect or unusual losses suffered as a result of
    defects or and loss of any kind owing to negligence or intent on the client’s part, including any fault of an
    employee, officer or agent of the client.
  26. Any additional terms and conditions stipulated elsewhere on the quotation shall also be applicable.
  27. Certificates and Licences are to be COLLECTED at a Heightsafety Training Academy Branch, unless
    otherwise prearranged and cost will be for client’s account
  28. In all agreements, the Law of the Republic of South Africa shall prevail in terms of sale and provision of
    training services.
  29. Placement of booking confirmations, purchase orders and/or full payment of any training with
    Heightsafety Training Academy will be deemed as an automatic acceptance of all Terms and Conditions.


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