Snatcher Remote Fall Arrest Rescue Kit

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The Remote Fall Arrest Rescue Kit is designed for post Fall Arrest rescue situations when the victim is unconscious and out of reach. The system comes complete with an extension pole (to be able to access the remote victim) connected to a hauling and lowering system.

The unresponsive victim can be reached with the extension pole, lifted, and lowered out to safety. The system can also be used for diagonal cableways for victim recovery in conjunction with a combination of two Snatcher™ remote rescue kits.

The kit consists of:

Product features:

  • The system comes pre-rigged and ready-to-use
  • Fully assembled with captive eyes to ensure a tamper-proof system
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Snatcher Remote kits to create more complex rescue retrieval systems
  • Shoulders straps on the bags for comfortable transportation
  • Separate compartment in the kit bag to fit the extension pole for better equipment management
  • Easy to use, anchor to anchor methods and comes pre-rigged as a 3:1 or 5:1 system.


Material: Various (see individual components)
Weight: 50m = 9kg, 100m = 13.25kg, 150m = 17.5kg, 200m = 21.75kg
Dimensions: 700mm (L) x 350mm (H)
Rope Compatibility: 11mm
Standard: Various (see individual components)
Safe working load: 150kg


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