The highest risk of working on a roof is not actually falling off the roof but falling through the roof due to structure collapse. Constant traffic on the roof and walking on the roof sheeting will cause crushing and bending of the actual sheet. This will reduce the life span of the overall roof and increase the risk of falling through the roof.

The Roof Walker is a walk way system that will reduce the risk of falling through the roof and increase the life span of the roof where there is high traffic volumes. This patented bracket system, allows the connection and attachments of walk way systems directly onto the roof sheeting without penetrating or damaging the sheeting.

The brackets system is glued directly onto the sheeting with a high tack epoxy.

Our standard 40 cm wide fibre glass walk way bolts directly onto the roof walker bracket system and allows for a continues flat walk way system.
As there is no standoff distance between the bracket and the sheeting the possibility of crushing the sheeting is reduced. The large surface area of the bracket system also distributes the load over a larger surface area.

The Roof walker will not only make walking on the roof easier but expand the life time of the roof.


The safe walk can be adapted as an overhead system where the anchor point is higher than the user. The only additional part that is required is the stopper bracket that will hold the universal cable guide in a horizontal level at all times.





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