Haultrack System


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The Haultrack System is a small manual hauling system designed for lifting a victim for very short distances, specifically during post-fall arrest pick-off rescues where the victim can only be accessed with the use of abseiling techniques.

The kit consists of:

Product features:

  • Small and compact to be carried with the rescuer when performing a rescue
  • 6:1 pre-assembled pulley system ratio makes it very easy to lift the victim with very little effort
  • The rope grab device at the top of the system allows the rescuer to connect the hauling system directly in line with and onto his own working ropes.


Material: Various (see individual components)
Weight: 490g
Dimensions: 290 mm (L) x 150 mm (H)
Rope Compatibility: 5mm Accessory cord
Standard: Various (see individual components)
Safe working Load: 100kg

Weight 0.49 kg

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