Adjustable Double Shock Absorbing Lanyard


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The double shock absorbing lanyard was designed as a fall arrest device with two adjustable legs. The lanyard comes complete with large type pylon / scaffold hooks that make connecting over big anchors easier. The two legs give the user the ability to stay attached at all times while moving around in fall arrest situations. The adjustable buckles give the user the opportunity to shorten the lanyard to decrease the falling distance.

Product Features:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Large scaffold / pylon hooks
  • Two legs / lanyards
  • Shock absorber


Material: Black tubular type Webbing 25mm, Nylon & Shock Absorbing Webbing
Weight: 1.636 kg
Length: 70cm t0 175 cm
Standard: SANS 50354 | SANS 50355
Safe working load: 100 kg

Weight 1.636 kg
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